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Life without limitations.

Not your regular Pilates studio.

At MOVE BEYOND we bring a unique perspective to the world of Pilates and the GYROTONIC® exercise method.

Our movement studio is uniquely physiotherapy-informed, guaranteeing top-tier movement quality for tangible results.


New to our studio? Explore our welcoming offer for newcomers

pilates instructor assisting clients with their form in a group class

Check out our classes

We offer various sessions: one-on-one, one-on-two, or micro-group classes, with a maximum of just 4 participants. This enables us to provide personalised attention and an exceptional experience.

Naama Forsrup

"Ever since I walked into Mayra’s studio for the first time, I knew I’ve found my place. With quite a lot of back issues, I looked for a Pilates teacher with the right kind of skills. Mayra knows bodies and how to move them, and her classes are both super fun and effective. Simply one of the best studios I’ve trained in!"
Client having a 1:1 Gyrotonic session with an instructor
Closeup of legs on pilates machinery
woman on pilates machine
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