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About Us

At MOVE BEYOND, we approach movement uniquely. Our founder's background in physiotherapy infuses each class with a clinical perspective, enhancing your overall experience. This guarantees that every client benefits from a customised and comprehensive approach to well-being.

We firmly believe that when you commit your time, energy, and investment to a studio, each movement should be of the utmost quality and precision. This is why we deliver our classes in the form of 1:1 sessions or micro-classes, limited to just 4 participants. This ensures you receive personalised attention tailored to your unique needs, empowering every movement you make.

By integrating physiotherapy principles and maintaining small class sizes, we elevate your journey to wellness, enabling you to reach your peak performance and health.

Our mission is clear: to motivate and empower you to build strength, optimise your performance, and achieve your health and wellness aspirations. Together, we'll help you live a life without limitations

Pilates and Gyrotonic studio equipment

Our Story

Meet Mayra, the visionary behind MOVE BEYOND. With a profound belief that everybody holds the potential for evolution, she's dedicated to guiding you towards a superior version of yourself. Mayra's mission is clear: to assist you in achieving your mental and physical health aspirations through a transformative, secure, and impactful movement journey.

Mayra holds licenses in Physiotherapy in both Brazil and Sweden, complemented by certifications as a Stott Pilates and Gyrotonic instructor, acquired in Brazil, Europe and the USA. Her educational journey also encompasses Vayu Aerial Yoga®, Barre, and TRX. With over 17 years of experience, Mayra seamlessly merges the principles of physiotherapy with her classes and workshops ensuring her clients experience the utmost benefits.

headshot of Mayra, the founder of the pilates studio
Mayra the studio founder exercising on the Gyrotonic equipment

Having worked with individuals of diverse ages, body types, athletic abilities, and physical conditions, Mayra advocates a holistic approach, recognizing that true well-being involves a mind-body connection. By encouraging clients to understand, control, and connect with their bodies, she equips them with a new perspective on movement that prevents future injuries and fosters a safe challenge towards personal goals.

Mayra's journey led her to Stockholm in 2014, and in 2020, she realized her passion by establishing MOVE BEYOND (previously Beyond Physio). Through MOVE BEYOND, she's fulfilling her life's calling – to transform lives through the power of movement.

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