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The Vayu Experience


The Vayu Experience immerses your mind and body in a unique practice. This workshop is designed for those with a foundational awareness of their bodies and a basic level of connection. We'll gracefully flow through yoga postures using our customised Vayu Swings, integrating breathwork and meditation to unlock the body's potential for space and strength. Vayu Aerial Yoga® is an active, restorative practice that gently encourages body connection and openness. The Vayu Swing serves as both a support system and a therapeutic tool, helping to mobilize and release connective tissues. It creates alignment and deepens the body's connection. Experience the depth of Vayu With the swing's support, we explore challenging postures, promoting relaxation of the nervous system and fostering surrender. Inverting the body in mid-air not only provides physical benefits like spinal decompression but also expands the mind, instilling confidence and fearlessness while altering your perception of the physical self. Frequently Asked Questions Do I need yoga experience for Vayu? No yoga experience is required to practice Vayu. All levels, including beginners, are welcome and encouraged to join. I'm not flexible; can I do Vayu? Absolutely. Vayu welcomes all, regardless of flexibility. Your practice will naturally enhance your flexibility and mobility. Is Vayu like acrobatics or circus? No, Vayu is not acrobatics or circus training. It's a movement practice focused on the fascial and nervous systems. What can I expect from Vayu? Vayu offers a profound connection with your body, making it suitable for everyone, regardless of your movement background. It's a rewarding, sustainable journey.

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Please cancel or reschedule your session at least 24 hours in advance. Late cancellations will be fully charged.

Studio Address

  • Hästholmsvägen 29, floor 3, 131 71 Nacka, Sweden

    +46 760674577

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