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Metabolic Optimisation - Return

  • 1 h


Whether you're aiming for hormonal balance, weight management, improved energy levels, or enhanced athletic performance, Metabolic Optimization Coaching is a personalised and science-driven approach to help you achieve sustainable results by unlocking the full potential of your metabolism. Using clinical exams (blood, urine, saliva) interpretation tools, orthomolecular nutrition, naturopathy and personalised advice, Teresa helps you improve your health and body composition (fat mass vs. in the management of food, training, sleep and stress levels. What to expect? - help to identify dietary and lifestyle factors that may disrupt your metabolism - help to you lose weight, gain muscle mass, manage metabolic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and different life stages - help to cope with autoimmune diseases and gastrointestinal disorders If you have recent blood and urine clinical tests, you can bring the results as it can help a lot! About Teresa Manafaia Teresa, who is from Portugal and recently moved to Sweden, finished her post-graduation in the Faculty of Human Kinetics in Lisbon (Technical University of Lisbon), where she specialised in Cardiometabolic Rehab and Weight Control. She also developed her skills as an orthomolecular nutrition and phytotherapy specialist in IPN (Portuguese Institute of Naturopathy). With more than 20 years of experience in the area of ​​Weight Control and Prevention of Cardiometabolic Diseases; she is the author of the books “Lose your belly without doing sit-ups” and “Perfect legs”. She has also being a speaker at international congresses and a guest on several TV programs in Portugal. And she is responsible for the Metabolic Optimization area of ​​several gyms and clinics in Portugal. Now that she is in Stockholm she will be sharing her knowledge and expertise to guide & support you optimise your metabolism here at MOVE BEYOND.

Cancellation Policy

Please cancel or reschedule your session at least 24 hours in advance. Late cancellations will be fully charged.

Studio Address

  • Hästholmsvägen 29, floor 3, 131 71 Nacka, Sweden

    +46 760674577

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